Better decision making.
Faster performance.
Easier than ever.
Anywhere on the cloud

Minitab Statistical Software delivers business and predictive analytics, paired with essential visualizations to enable data-driven value creating decision making. Enjoy new levels of productivity and collaboration, whether you are accessing Minitab on a desktop or on the cloud.


Proactively make better decisions everywhere with the latest release of Minitab now on both your desktop and on the cloud. Excel even more with unparalleled statistical insights, robust predictive analytics and smart visualizations.


Discover valuable insights in your data with even faster performance, then securely access and share your analyses with lightning speed to collaborate in real-time for fast decision-making thanks to our new cloud capabilities.


Our intuitive interface uses clicks, not code, so you can easily complete your analysis and create vital visualizations while our industry-leading technical support, trainings and more are available to help regardless of statistical background.

Anywhere on the cloud

When you use the most powerful statistical software on the market, your productivity skyrockets. Gain access to data analysis from anywhere with Minitab on the cloud. Complete analyses from nearly any device and find insights whether you’re in the office, at home or halfway around the world.

Better Decisions

Unlock better decision-making from everywhere with Minitab available in both the trusted desktop application you know and love, and our new cloud-enabled web app. Expand your insights to be better informed and proactive in your industry with the unparalleled power of statistics in Minitab, including our popular predictive analytics tool, Classification and Regression Trees (CART®).

Faster Collaboration

New statistical features for DOE (Design of Experiments), stepwise regression and normal capability enhancements to facilitate in-depth data analysis.

Easier Visualizations

Insights are meant to be shared, and the right visualizations can make all the difference. Enhance your impact with graphics that make your insights even easier to understand, including newly-added heatmaps, parallel plots and binned scatterplots.

Accessible Anywhere

Business doesn’t have to stop just because you’re not in the office. With Minitab now available through both our desktop app and cloud-enabled web app, you can access our statistical software from anywhere on nearly any device. Log in to Minitab whether you’re in the office, at home or halfway around the world to complete your analysis and continue discovering valuable insights.

Achieve Your Vision of Success

Minitab Statistical Software is only one of the ways Minitab can help you not just see your data, but act on it.

Minitab has spent the past 50 years helping companies and organizations drive cost containment, enhance product and service quality and boost customer satisfaction with our comprehensive, easy-to-use, best-in-class suite of data analysis and process improvement tools. Thousands of businesses and institutions worldwide work with Minitab because of our unique and integrated approach of solutions analytics, empowering you to make better decisions that drive business excellence.