Innovate, Execute, & Commercialize

Execute with comprehensive problem-solving tools
Map each step in your journey with the Minitab Engage project manager and a robust set of visual tools and forms that enable the execution of projects and commercialization of innovations throughout your organization, including root cause analysis tools, Five Whys, SIPOC, project charter, and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

Advance timelines with automated notifications and backups
Keep projects on track with timely email alerts that notify team members when projects need their attention, including new project assignments, project approvals, key phase reviews, and upcoming milestones. And everyone can work with the confidence of knowing that projects are automatically backed up to avoid re-work or loss of insights.

Incorporate insights from Minitab Statistical Software analyses
Project team members can send output from Minitab Statistical Software directly to Minitab Engage, or embed a Minitab file directly in their Engage roadmap.