Minitab Need to Know 1: Managing Data in Minitab

Learn few good options you might not have known were available in Minitab for managing your data.

Minitab Need to Know 2: First Steps for Data Analysis in Minitab

See how your data are distributed and look for changes over time with data visualization tools in Minitab.

Fast-track Your Data Analysis with Basic Macros in Minitab

Avoid redoing the same work over and over again/ Automate your analyses with basic Minitab macros.

How to start your Data Analysis using Minitab

Discover through practical examples how to describe your data using graphs and simple statistical indicators.

Basics of hypothesis testing using Minitab

Understand how to perform basic hypothesis testing in Minitab.

Analyzing Data using Correlation in Minitab

See how the variables are correlated and to what degree using Minitab.

Advanced SQC Techniques using Minitab

Peek into some advanced SQC techniques you can do with Minitab.