Our latest release, Minitab Statistical Software Version 21.1.0 is available to customers who manage their Minitab subscription in the Minitab License Portal. This release includes new features and bug fixes.

Statistical Method Cox Regression

Addition: The Cox Regression command is included under the Reliability menu. Models can be fit:

  • with fixed predictors only
  • in a counting process form 

User Benefit

Cox Regression is a method for investigating the effect of several variables upon the time it takes for a specified event to happen.


Cox Regression, also known as Proportional Hazards Regression, is one of the most popular regression techniques for survival outcomes.


New: Interactive Probability Plot in Graph Builder

Addition: An interactive probability plot is now available in Graph Builder.

• Select fits from 14 distributions

User Benefit

The graph builder gallery will fit probability plots for continuous variables.


Graph Builder now includes an interactive probability plot.


Automated Machine Learning in Predictive Analytics Module

User Benefit

It is common for researchers to try a few different machine learning models when evaluating their data. This new AutoML feature will evaluate the following models:

  • Classification and Regression Trees (CART®)
  • TreeNet®
  • Random Forests®
  • Regression


Validation prevents model overfitting, which is an important aspect in machine learning. This feature is now available in the Predictive Analytics menu and within Stat-Regression, Stat-Binary Logistic Regression and Stat-Poisson Regression.