Minitab Workspace Features & Enhancements

Feature Addition: New Templates for 8D Methodology

The new 8D Project template and four new 8D forms are now available. Use the 8D Project template to conduct a project according to the eight disciplines (8D) for identifying, correcting, and preventing recurring problems. The 8D Project template includes the following new forms, which can be used in the project or on their own: CATWOE, Communication Plan, Impact Analysis, and Is/Is Not.

Minitab Workspace 1.4.3 provides important bug fixes

Minitab Workspace 1.4.2 provides important bug fixes

Minitab Workspace 1.4.1 provides a translation bug fix.

Feature Addition

Our latest release allows users to switch the language to Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Minitab Workspace 1.3.1 includes three additional templates: Journey Map, Competency Matrix, and Risk Matrix. This release also includes bug fixes.

Feature Addition: Mind Maps

Use a mind map to visually organize related ideas and concepts. Mind maps help you come up with ideas quickly and creatively, so you can think about things in new and different ways.


Feature Addition: Financial Data Forms

The Financial Data and Financial Data Monthly Data Entry forms now include Gross and Net Savings and Implementation Costs fields.

Minitab Workspace 1.2.0 includes improvements to licensing functionality.

Minitab Workspace 1.1.1 maintenance addresses a stability issue within search functionality.