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As a supply chain professional, it’s up to you to manage the resources and suppliers that are essential to the operations of your organization. You enable the operations to flow and grow, so any efficiency you gain benefits your entire organization! When changes happen up and down the supply chain, you must be prepared to act so you can avoid problems and keep things running smoothly.   

Only Minitab offers specific supply chain solutions to help optimize operations, while also preparing for the inevitable changes ahead.  From cash-to-cash cycle times, to customer order cycle times, to Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs), to critical inventory levels, Minitab can help!

Our solutions help you collect data and monitor it on dashboards that automatically measure your key performance indicators. Instant alarms let you know when things are off track, or about to go off track, so you can take immediate action. Minitab’s visualization and analytical tools enable you to dive deeper into the issue to implement corrective action so that it doesn’t happen again.

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