Industrial IoT solution

Track -> sense -> Process

Interfaced with IoT sensors, devices,
machines, control systems, IT systems,
databases and online data sources.

Take control of your production
& make better decision faster

1. Automatic real time data collection and transmission.

Connect vSens to your machines, robots, spindles or any equipment and start acquiring insights and info from production in real time.

2. Monitor anytime and anywhere easily

All production data collected by vSens are then sent to the VegamView cloud application so they can instantly be viewed, analyzed, shared or stored for future reference and reporting.

3. Make better decision faster using data

Making the right business decisions is difficult, but it’s easier with reliable and up-to-date data. With vSens and VegamView, you can be confident about your decisions knowing that they are based on what is happening in your factory right now.

4. Analyse and optimise your production

Our technologies combined with field experts & data scientists, will allow you to take a significant step in the fourth industrial revolution and reach unprecedented productivity gains by making your factory smart.

Key features

Helps build real time dashboards for process parameters and alerts on data using drag and drop application builder.

Helps achieve data driven monitoring & transactions using configurable security and control capabilities

Integration with legacy machines and sensors with / without standard interfaces.

Enables usage in factory control net, intranet & internet settings

Vegam IoT architecture

Vegam IoT visualization

Vegam View enables real time data monitoring and visualization. This enables floor managers to take proactive rather than reactive steps in machine maintenance and scheduling .

Data is analyzed real time and is presented in the form of line graph with the threshold limit set at 2mm.

Data can be filtered according to minutes, hours, days, months and years.

An alert in the form of an alarm is triggered once the vibration crosses 2 mm.

Benefits & operational impacts

Real time monitoring
of machines anytime
and anywhere

Instant on-site/machine deployment

Early detection of failures using predictive maintenance with alert systems

Decreased downtime due to early detection of possible machine failure

Data aggregation for studying patterns and calculating the OEE.

Initiate smart solutions in factory without the help of experts.

Data Science

Vegam IoT captures operator intelligence and overlays it with pattern recognition algorithms .

This enables factories to digitize human experience and knowledge into mathematical

models to gain more meaningful and actionable insights.