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Even the best projects can be kept in the shadows when leaders don’t see their potential. Companion is the only solution to pair customizable continuous improvement tools with centralized data retention and key performance metrics in a real-time online dashboard so you can push the right projects forward, assess risks and make your best business decisions. When teams can diagram processes and record project execution in the same platform that automatically reports their progress, you have a sustainable program to demonstrate and repeat your successes.

Plan & Align
Measure and Analyze
Share in Real time

Plan & Align

Get project teams away from the multiple documents in various systems and cumbersome internal solutions. They don’t encourage seamless visibility or on-time delivery. Companion Project Roadmaps make it easy to execute, share and replicate projects across your organization.

After assessing critical project updates in Companion’s real-time online dashboard, it’s time to execute your strategy and focus your efforts on projects that need them most — ensure your project portfolio is managed to time and budget. Or identify where corrective action is needed. All from one place.

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Map out every step in your journey with Companion’s project manager, work area and 100+ powerful visual tools and forms that enable the execution of projects throughout your organization.

Enable Workflow to Move Projects Forward Even More Smoothly
Streamline your process of vetting which ideas move forward to become projects. Select steering committees so the right people are notified and action items don’t get lost in a Friday afternoon barrage of emails.

Automatic Backup
Work with confidence and without disruption knowing that your projects and efforts are being automatically backed up. No more duplicate work or losing your valuable insights.

Stay on track with timely email alerts when a project needs your attention. Notifications can tell you when you’ve been assigned a project, when your project has been approved to begin, when key phase reviews have been approved or rejected, when an important date is approaching or if your project is overdue.


Measure and Analyze results using Companion’s analysis tools or by importing your own.

Working with Minitab Statistical Software is Easier than Ever
Project team members can send output from Minitab Statistical Software directly to Companion, or insert a Minitab project straight from their Companion roadmap, and updates will be saved inside the Companion project.

Share in Real Time

Immediately review the status of your improvement initiatives relative to goals, and empower decision-making and strategic course correction.

Real-Time KPI Dashboard
Draw on the data from your projects to provide dynamic visual up-to-the-minute tracking of performance metrics of your program. See financial summaries, progress toward set targets and prioritize ideas and projects. View your entire initiative or focus on specific projects, teams or divisions.

Unlimited Reports to Highlight Key Milestones and ROI
Easily generate tailor-made reports to show you are not only leading projects through to success, but share the success story in terms your organization understands best. Include only projects from specific facilities or summarize information from across the organization.

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Lead your organization on its own personal path to success with customizable Roadmaps and tools.

Regardless of your company’s improvement methodology — Lean, Six Sigma, or (often the case) a customized blend of methodologies best suited to your products and services, development and internal processes — Companion has the tools you need to execute projects efficiently.

Add value and eliminate waste. Lean organizations have the right resources in place doing the right work for the customer, with the right quality and at the right time. Project teams can access a comprehensive set of customizable Lean tools in files that are both easy to use and easy to share, and customizable Roadmaps™ include the tools and guidance needed to efficiently run Kaizen Events, Just Do It projects and more.

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From project idea to problem solution, Companion provides the infrastructure, governance and tools for Lean Six Sigma program deployment. Follow a DMAIC Roadmap™ pre-populated with all the tools you need, or build your own to reflect your company’s improvement methodology. Project data rolls up to your dashboard automatically, so you get up-to-the-minute reporting on hard and soft savings, project duration, number of projects started and more.

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Ensure successful developments from requirements definition to final qualification test with Companion’s integrated DFSS toolkit. Use a Concept-Design-Optimize-Verify roadmap through each step. And for Quality Function Deployment, information is automatically shared between the requirements list in the pairwise comparison matrix, houses of quality and design scorecards. Plus, a Monte Carlo Simulation tool can take your models directly from Minitab and help you characterize, understand and optimize your product or process by envisioning numerous scenarios and their projected impact.

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