Design for Six Sigma

Use DfSS for the efficient commercialization of new products and process, and ensure successful development from requirements definition to final qualification test with Minitab Engage’s integrated DfSS toolkit.

Concept-Design-Optimize-Verify Roadmap

Follow a proven CDOV roadmap through each step of your project, or build your own roadmap to reflect your company’s DfSS methodology. Tools are logically linked to the phases in your development process, so you work faster and projects are easy to organize, share, and replicate.

Quality Function Deployment

Information is automatically shared between the requirements list in the pairwise comparison matrix, houses of quality, and design scorecards, ensuring effortless requirements flow-down.

  • Pairwise Comparison Matrix
  • Houses of Quality (1, 2, and 3)
  • Design Scorecards

Monte Carlo Simulation

Use Monte Carlo simulation to help you characterize, understand, and optimize a product or process.

Additional DFSS Tools

  • Pugh Matrix
  • Build Hierarchical and Functional Decomposition diagrams with process maps and CT
  • Trees
  • FMEA
  • DOE planning

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